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meHi everyone!

My name is Ashley Hollinger and I was born and raised in Regina, Sk. I am currently enrolled as a third-year student within the pre-k to five education program, at the University of Regina. I am currently employed as a Special education assistant for the Regina Public School Board. Being an EA, I have the privilege to work in all the elementary schools as well, high schools in Regina. This has enabled me to gain experience and meet individuals I would not have gotten the opportunity to do so otherwise. Working as an EA has not only confirmed my love and passion for teaching, but it has also enabled me to get my certificate in Inclusive education. Working with children of varying levels and capabilities is truly a remarkable experience and is incredibly rewarding.

Enrolling in an EDTC 300 course was extremely nerve-wracking for me as I am not technology orientated and truthfully find it very confusing and frustrating. However, technology is a part of all school systems as well, classrooms. Tim Johnson addressed how, “Technology is the world that our kids live in, and by using technology, teachers capture their interest, and kids put more time and effort into their work.” So, it is time I learn the ins-and-outs of technology so I am able to provide my students with the best possible education through the use of technology.

Throughout this course, we are required to create and use a blog as well, create and become an active user of Twitter. I created a Twitter account when it first became popular. However, I never truly understood what it was for and stopped using it. However, I am eager to recreate my Twitter account and benefit from the various educational communities and networks. Prior to taking this course, I had to create and use a blog for one of the ECS courses. I can honestly say; I was horrible at it. I didn’t know how to create menus, post my posts to the proper categories, and so forth. Today, I still don’t know how to run my blog seamlessly. However, Katia is a fabulous educator who I am sure will teach me all of the ins-and-outs of blogging. My goal by the end of the semester is to be a pro-blogger.

I am excited to embark on this technology-based journey and learn an abundance of skills that I will be able to take fourth and use within my own personal life as well, with my students in the classroom. If you are interested in tracking my technology-based journey, I invite you to follow me on Twitter.


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