And The Journey Begins….

Hi everyone!

For my personal learning project, I decided to learn how to crochet a “baby sheep blanket” through the use of online resources. Growing up I had watched my mother hand crochet a variety of items and have always wanted to learn. However, I have never had the time to do so. This is why I am overjoyed that as students we are given the opportunity to turn this project into anything we desire.

I decided to create what is called a, “baby sheep blanket” as I recently found out one of my best friends is having another baby. I found and purchased the pattern off of Etsy, which for anyone who hasn’t heard of Etsy. Etsy is a fabulous website where you can find virtually anything you are looking for.

Since I have absolutely no idea how to crochet, this project will not only be difficult but time consuming as well. Luckily, I have technology to help me along the way!

Supplies needed:

  1. Light worsted yarn 4 x 100g balls in white and 1 x 100g ball in gray
  2. Polyfill stuffing
  3. 5mm crochet hook
  4. Blunt sewing needle

For this week I decided to organize myself in preparation for starting the blanket. To do so, I went to Michaels and bought four 100g balls of “Bernat Baby Yarn” in white and one 100g ball of “Bernat Baby Yarn” in grey, which was on sale for 30% off. This blanket so far has only cost me $20.00, a steal-of-a-deal if you ask me. After buying the yarn I then made a schedule to keep myself on track for completing this project.



Over the course of a month I will learn how to:

  1. Create the “blanket” using the crochet stitch, “modifiable bobble stitch”.
  2. Create three “loops and “buttons” for the edge of the blanket.
  3. Create the sheep’s head using the “regular bobble stitch” and “single crochet stitch”
  4. Create the sheep’s ears using the “slip stitch” and “single crochet stitch”
  5. Create the sheep’s legs using the “single crochet stitch”
  6. Put the sheep together using a blunt sewing needle and white yarn as well, “single crochet stitch”

The last couple days I have been practicing how to make a starting chain, single chain stitch,  single crochet stitch, and a modified bobble stitch. The next few weeks, I decided I would try to complete the “base” of the blanket. Wish me luck!

Below are a few videos I used to learn how to make the starting chain, single chain stitch, single crochet stitch, and a modified bobble stitch.

Here is a video I used to learn how to make a loop for the crochet needle, starting chain, and single crochet stitch. Start the video at 1:10; Enjoy!

Here is the video I used to learn how to do the modified bobble stitch:

I am extremely excited to begin this project! My main goal is to complete the “baby sheep blanket” and have it turn out like the picture provided on the pattern. Like I mentioned before this is my first attempt at crocheting so fingers crossed, I am a natural! I invite you to continue to follow my journey by checking my blog weekly.

 Joke of the Week: 

What do you call an unmarried stitch?

A single crochet.




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