My Part in Contributing to my Fellow Classmates Learning

Hi everyone, The time has come to write our FINAL "contribution" blog post that Katia has continued to remind us about, throughout the semester. First off, I would like to say a HUGE thank-you to Katia for reminding us throughout the course to take screenshots or pictures of our "contributions". - I could not imagine... Continue Reading →

BA-BA-BA-BAAA… I am done!

Hi everyone, Welcome to my LAST learning project blog post. As many of you may know, for my learning project I decided to create a "baby sheep blanket", that I found on a website called, "Etsy". For each week, I had a "todo list" that I had to accomplish, in order to stay on track... Continue Reading →

EDTC 300: Summary of Learning

As EDTC 300 is coming to an end. My professor Katia, suggested to my fellow classmates and I,  to create a "summary of learning". My partner Kaitlin and I decided we would create a talk show summarizing our three main takeaways from this semester. Three main takeaways: 1) Our digital footprints 2) The importance of cyber safety... Continue Reading →

Can I call myself a “code” expert now?

Good morning everyone, During yesterday's class, Katia showed our #EDTC300 course, websites we could use within our classrooms to get students learning how to code. At first, when Katia brought-up coding. I instantly felt stressed- I have to say I had nothing to worry about. Katia showed us two websites, "Code Academy" and "Code". Both sites... Continue Reading →

Sniffing out FAKE NEWS…

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wonder if this is true" but didn't actually look into it because it was on, what you thought was, "a reliable recourse". Jacobson addresses how "[d]iscerning fact from fiction in news and online content has never been more challenging". As technology advances, and individuals get more "skilled" with... Continue Reading →

Mission Complete…

Hi everyone! I know I am posting a bit earlier then I am supposed to, so to clarify this is my blog post for June 11th... However, I am so darn excited, I just had to share my progress with everyone early! I just wanted to begin this blog post by saying... I have finished... Continue Reading →

Detective Ashley Reporting For Duty…

This week my EDTC 300 course was given the task of Digital Sleuthing a fellow classmate. For anyone who is not familiar with what Digital Sleuthing is, in simple terminology, it is "Stalking" an individual using the internet. Purewal addresses in her article how, "by using a few very simple techniques, you can discover tons... Continue Reading →

“Back on my Feet”

Hi everyone! First off, I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather, I know I am! For this week, I wanted to try something a bit different... I am going to show you a step-by-step tutorial of "How to create the sheep's legs/feet". As well, show you the videos I have used, the struggles I... Continue Reading →

Integrating YouTube into the classroom

For this week's EDTC300 blog post, as a group, we were instructed to demonstrate a possible discussion around the opposition of a certain tool or resource that might be used in the classroom. For the purpose of this assignment, we chose to provide an example conversation between a teacher and parent regarding the use of... Continue Reading →

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