Tweet, Tweet…

Prior to taking EDTC 300, I had created two Twitter accounts. The first one I created when I was in grade ten. The second account, I had to create because I not only forgot my first accounts password but the email I used as well. Now I suppose I have created a third account. However,... Continue Reading →

One Stitch at a Time..

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update everyone on where I am in my learning project! I will be updating you on my learning project whenever I feel like I have gotten a good chunk of the blanket completed. This way you can truly follow me on this journey. I just want to start this... Continue Reading →

The Internet Continues To Amaze Me…

After our third class, we were asked to create and explore a website called, "Freedly". I was extremely curious as well, excited to gain another learning and perhaps teaching recourse that I could add to my teaching repertoire. For anyone who isn't familiar with Freedly, Freedly is a website where individuals can go and create... Continue Reading →

And The Journey Begins….

Hi everyone! For my personal learning project, I decided to learn how to crochet a “baby sheep blanket” through the use of online resources. Growing up I had watched my mother hand crochet a variety of items and have always wanted to learn. However, I have never had the time to do so. This is... Continue Reading →

All About Me!

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Hollinger and I was born and raised in Regina, Sk. I am currently enrolled as a third-year student within the pre-k to five education program, at the University of Regina. I am currently employed as a Special education assistant for the Regina Public School Board. Being an EA, I... Continue Reading →

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